The future of curd snacks depends on all of us!


We are accustomed to the traditional curd snacks. Their range is so great that easy to get lost in the variety of choice between products of deferent producers. There were times when on the shelves of shops can be found just a few types of curd snacks, but the market for them was finished, and demanded something new. More and more new tastes and kinds of curd snacks began to appear, you can find them on the pages of our Museum.

Today, the saturation of the market by traditional curd snacks felt again. Everyone wants something new and tasty. So let's make it together!

We appeal to the producers of curd snacks:

Probably you and your technologists have ideas and dreams to create a new product, which will be popular at the market, but you don't have the technology to solve this problem. We are ready to help you implement your dreams. Tell us about your ideas, and we and our partners, with the direct participation of the German food Academy, will offer you an unique production technology that is appropriate for you. We will share with you our ideas on packaging and marketing of the new product and will support you at the way of new curd snacks from the drawing on paper up to the shop counter.

If you have no new ideas yet, of how to make your product more interesting, please refer to the experience of your colleagues. Look for the interesting finds in other sectors of the food industry. Note, for example, at the producers of cakes, which often surprise customers by variety of range, originality of taste and design. All of this can be done with curd snacks.

Don't stop at the traditional ideas about the tastes of curd snacks. Try to make them salty, with different spices and herbs. Look for a new combinations, be the pioneers of taste, and we'll help you with this.

We appeal to the customers of curd snacks:

Many of you, as we are (because we are also buy curd snacks and eat them very often), coming to the store, periodically looking for something new. Not finding what you want, sometimes you interesting in why producers can't make a product that you would like.

So let's send our wishes to the producers.

Send us your suggestions and ideas on this e-mail:

We will discuss them with the producers and the most interesting of them will publish at our site.

Let's make curd snacks together!














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