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Since the middle of the 20th century, curd snacks have been a favorite sweet delicacy for both children and adults. First appearing in the Soviet Union, curd snacks have become popular in many countries of the world. Curd snacks are currently produced in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, the Baltic States, Germany, New Zealand and many other countries.

This Museum is dedicated to curd snacks. On our pages you will learn the history of curd snacks in different countries, you will be able to see curd snacks photos from different companies, and see the process of curd snacks production. We hope that the time spent on this site will be interesting for both lovers of curd snacks, and for those who have never tasted them.


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Curd snacks are made of cottage cheese and covered with chocolate. The weight of a curd snack is typically 40 - 50 gms. The first curd snacks were packaged in foil, but currently, most manufacturers prefer to use a vacuum packaging.

Curd snacks are stored at a temperature of 4±2ºС for an average of about 15 days, but at a temperature of -18ºС the storage period can exceed three months.

Curd snacks, as are any other products made from cottage cheese, are healthy, but at the same time, curd snacks are high in calories, so they are best eaten at the beginning of the day for breakfast.


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